Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas Ambientais


Access and Consultation Location

The SBU Libraries are franchised to the wider community for consultation, providing their collections, study spaces and services.


Home Loan

The home loan is provided internal Unicamp community: teachers, students and staff.


Bibliographic Switching

Request and provision of copies or scan journal articles, book chapters, theses and conference proceedings existing in national and foreign libraries. Request the document of interest in the Biblioteca of his unit.


Training for Users

In order to enable widespread use of its various sources of information and research, the Unicamp Library System has a Training and Training Program aimed at the academic community.

The Program is configured in several modules, which have previously established calendars.

To view the 2016 training schedule, click http://www.sbu.unicamp.br/ on the User Training link.

The Unicamp Library System provides guides and manuals on the use of databases and research tools signed by Unicamp or Capes, available for download, see page  http://www.sbu.unicamp.br/ to consult them.


Cataloguing Data Request

The Unicamp Libraries offer, through a unified system, the provision of cataloging service in publishing (preparation of catalog card) for dissertations and theses produced at Unicamp. The request will be exclusively through the electronic form available on the website of the SBU and the websites of Libraries. Click here to access.


Standardization of Academic Papers 

Aiming to guide the academic community NEPAM the presentation of academic papers, we provide here some tools that assist in the preparation and submission of theses, dissertations, monographs, and the like.


Standards Collection ABNT

Check the relevant standards, access is restricted to Unicamp or VPN IPs. Available in: http://abntcolecao.com.br/unicamp/


Presentation of Dissertations and Theses at Unicamp

The default format for theses and dissertations in UNICAMP shall follow the rules set out in the document INFORMATION CCPG / 284/2015, available on the page of the Dean of Graduate Studies of the University. For the digital version, also follow the mandatory standards of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Available in: http://www2.prpg.gr.unicamp.br/prpg/?page_id=741



Geradores de Referência bibliográfica


A free tool that gives users the generation of references according to the standards established by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), without his having to worry about these standards, facilitating and speeding up the completion of scientific work. The system generates references for 25 types of documents, the user can choose the type of document you want from the main menu.

Visit: http://facilis.uesb.br/util/Sobre



It is an online system that assists in the development of all kinds of references and citations, according to the ABNT. It allows registration of new users and electronic management of saved references.

Visit: Mecanismo on-line para elaboração de Referências – MORE