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Perspectivas patrimoniais: natureza e cultura em foco

Publicada com o apoio do Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas Ambientais (NEPAM/Unicamp), do Programa de Doutorado em Ambiente e Sociedade e do Laboratório de Arqueologia...

Caiçaras e caipiras: uma prosa sobre natureza, desenvolvimento e cultura

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The Sociology of Environmental Issues: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations

Clima de tensão – Ação humana, biodiversidade e mudanças climáticas

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Interactive Cities: from the informational context to the integrated socio-spatial practices

The Challenge of Climate Change: The Cases of Brazil and China

Environmental planning Hydrographic Basin Ubatumirim

Territories in dispute: the impasse to the shared game between technicians and residents in the Serra do Mar

Challenges for the World Heritage in New Search Practices

Museums and identities in Latin America

Environmental governance in Brazil

Book edited by Fabio de Castro and Celia Futemma and published in 2015 by PACO publisher.  

Brazil China book

The issue of biodiversity at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg

Article by Carlos Alfredo Joly

Environment and society in Latin American research

Article published in the magazine ComCiência on 03/03/2010

Environmental Concerns in Contemporary Brazil: An Insight into Some Theoretical and Societal Backgrounds (1970s-1990s)

This article intends to unveil some of the main theoretical backgrounds and current tendencies of environmental sociology in Brazil. But we are mainly interested in...

Just published book with the participation of the researcher NEPAM Arlêude Bortolozzi

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One of several interdisciplinaridades: a doctorate proposal Environment & Society at Unicamp

Lúcia da Costa Ferreira, Leila da Costa Ferreira e Carlos Alfredo Joly  

Tourism and Environment in Brazil

Sustainability, Quality of Life and Local Identity

Looks on APAs Cantareira (SP) and Fernão Dias (MG)

Environment and Development