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Use of resources in the expansion of sugarcane in Cerrado.

Author: Érika Moura Ferreira
Advisor: Jurandir Zullo Júnior
Coorientator: Sônia Regina da Cal Seixas
Date of defense: 26/03/2017


Jurandir Zullo Júnior (Presidente)

Maria Ângela Fagnani

Simone Aparecida Vieira

João Luiz de Moraes Hoefel

Gabriela Farias Asmus


The survey sought to identify impacts on water resources occurred due to the expansion of sugarcane crop for the production of ethanol in the Cerrado biome, where the practice of irrigation is needed in times of drought. This expansion is due to higher global demand for ethanol, which now assumes an alternative position to fossil fuels, one of the possible responsible for global warming. The criteria related to the use of water and on water pressures are incipient, especially in the agricultural phase of ethanol production, and future scenarios of climate change for the region already point increase in temperature and changes in rainfall in the region, there is a great need to measure and discuss the issue of water use in the expansion of this sector. For this, we used the methodology of “Water Footprint” with the case study two municipalities of the state of Goiás: Jataí and Quirinopolis. These two municipalities, because they are fairly representative in the dynamics of sugarcane expansion, provide important information about the pressure that this crop has been exercising in water use. The results demonstrate that the use of water for irrigation does not compromise the water resources of the region, but with the expansion of cultivation area and according to the climate change scenarios will affect this feature in the next 20 years due to the significant increase in demand. Such information may contribute to the evaluation of environmental management criteria related to water use in the production of biofuels, in assessing pressure production of sugarcane ethanol on water resources and propose measures to reduce impacts on these resources.


Keywords: Water resources; Water Footprint; Sugar cane; thick